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Rack Plating
    Publish time 2019-11-13 17:04    
Rack Plating
Automatic zinc plating production line is strictly in accordance with pre-established procedures, processes and time requirements by plating ongoing work to modernize equipment. Not only does it run fast and stable, high yield, stable quality, and save a lot of manpower. And because energy use more fully, less pollution and cleaner production by the state environmental protection department is widely recommended.

Rack plating , zinc-nickel rack plating , rack plating iron alloy automatic production lines are the product of our company's strengths. Zincate galvanized and trivalent chromium passivation is more environmental friendly and advanced plating species, our company has built a lot of this automatic production lines.

1. Large roller can be extremely PP PP-casting materials, CNC machine drilling.
2. The transmission system adopts each station of a transmission gear coupling, electromagnetic speed.
3. Automatic weighing feeding device can reduce labor intensity.
4. passivation automatic folder barrel washing equipment and automatic rejection of water color dryer.
   We can offer from plating material dumped water drying until a full set of equipment. Special accumulated rich experience in zincate solution passivated galvanized wash tub and clip color equipment, roller and PP template for a national patent.