Terms of Use


Comply with national laws and company system, never violate the enterprise’s high-tension cable; adhere to the principle of “Virtue First, Fair, Honest, Trustworthy”; and produce positive impact on the surrounding with the power of rightness.


Pay Due Diligence, Efficient Execution;

Brave to undertake the due responsibility and take the initiative to meet new tasks and challenges; Keep Curiosity, Learn Constantly, Pursue Excellence.


With an open and win-win attitude, share industry growth with partners;

With a concept of considering the overall situation, can interact with other teams and achieve the goal together;

Willing to share professional knowledge and work experience and grow together with colleagues.


The purpose of innovation is to create value for users;

Everyone can make innovation and everything can be innovated;

Brave to Break Through, Brave to Have a Try, Don’t Fear Failure, Good at Summarizing.