Continuous Mesh Belt Furnace RB-200


$200,000 FOB Shanghai


Harbin, China

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ManufacturerRainbow Technology
Serial Number006
Stock Number1037
Hardening mediumOil quenching
Moving die stationary length (mm)300
ProductsStandard fasteners
Mid/high carbon steel capacity(KG/HR)198-220
Mid/high carbon steel capacity(T/MONTH)123-138
Low carbon steel capacity/hour(KG/HR)84-120
Low carbon steel capacity/hour(T/MONTH)52-75
Total power supply(KW)203-218
Total power mid carbon steel 85% low carbon steel 70%173-142
Length of furnace line M/M27995


Hardening medium: Oil quenching

Products: Standard fasteners

The Continuous Mesh Belt Heat Treatment Furnace is composed of Lifting Feeding Machine, Weighting Device, Pre-Water Immersion Type Washer, Vibration Spreader, No-Muffle Carrier Roller Wire-Mesh Belt Controlled Atmosphere Hardening Furnace, Oil-quenching tank, Horizontal type Washer, Wire- mesh belt tempering furnace, Cooling Tank, Electric Control Cabinet, etc. 

This kind of heat treatment assembly line adopts Japan foreign furnace technology and is manufactured and inspected according to the standard of resistance furnace industry. Main components adopt imported products and the quality of manufacturing and assembling has reached to the advanced domestic level. 

This kind of heat treatment line is a full automatic production line composed of the techniques such as material loading, pre-washing, material distributing, hardening, cooling, post-washing, tempering and cooling. 

Main furnace's heating adopts low voltage, high current transformer, which lengthens the service life of radiant tube and makes it convenient for maintenance and renewal. 

The wire mesh belt adopts synchronous rotating roller, which makes belt endure the lowest tension during operation in order the lengthen the service life.