Manufactory price with good quality wire straightening and cutting machine automatic


$23,000 (USD)


Harbin, China

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ManufacturerHarbin Rainbow Technology
ModelW series
Serial Number230625
Stock Number100 sets


The straightening and cutting machine adopts a preset curing block to make the work of straightening and rebaring of steel bars more reliable and flexible, and it is convenient to change the program at any time without changing the hardware according to actual needs, to complete the production process and control of the process.

Mainly used in cement prefabricated component plants, cement products plants, construction sites, roads, railways, bridge construction, steel market and other units.

After the steel bar straightening and cutting machine, the surface of the reinforced steel bar after preparation is basically free from scratches, the strength loss is small, the straightness is good, the operation is simple, and the adjustment is convenient.