High speed straight line wire drawing machines-Rainbow


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Zhejiang, China

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ManufacturerHarbin Rainbow Technology
ModelCY series
Stock Number1006


Straight wire drawing machine is a prefabrication equipment for metal products, widely used in screw, nut ,bolt making area. The purpose is to pull metal wire or bar of the product manufacturing enterprise, which is produced and transported by the steel manufacturer to standard parts, through the wire drawing machine, the diameter of the wire or bar, the roundness, internal metallographic structure, surface finish and straightness are all meet the raw material processing requirements for the production of metal parts such as standard parts.

There are many suitable drawing materials for straight wire drawing machine, including welding rod; welding wire (gas shielded wire, submerged arc wire, flux cored wire, etc.); steel wire (high, medium and low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, tire steel wire, hose steel wire, spring steel wire, steel cord, etc.); electric wire (aluminum clad steel wire, copper wire, aluminum wire, etc.); alloy wire, etc.