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ManufacturerHarbin Rainbow Technology
Stock Number1023
Forging Station6
Max Forging Dia. (mm)11
Cut Off Dia. (mm)10
Product sizeM5-M6
Forging Length (mm)20
Die Pitch (mm)50
Slider Stroke (mm)65
Output (pcs/min.)110-200
Main Motor (HP)20
Weight (T)4.5
Dimension (L*W*H/cm)230*155*135


Our nut making machine can make Extra thick nut, Flanged nut, Motorcycle link pin, Oil Plug screw, Hex socket lockup nut, Squire nut, Weld nut, Cap nut, Blind Nut, Chain roller, Expansion anchor, Bicycle and Motorcycle shaped Spare Parts, etc.

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